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Funds Trace specializes in investigative recovery, utilizing industry experts to analyze cases, gather evidence, and apprehend scammers. Not only do they catch the perpetrators, but we are also committed to diligently pursuing the recovery of stolen funds, providing comprehensive assistance in combating online fraud.

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    Funds Trace is a leading platform specializing in catching scammers and reclaiming stolen funds. With our integrated approach, we ensure a seamless recovery process that typically lasts 1-3 months, tailored to the specifics of your scam case. Our dedicated team of local experts will take legal action on your behalf, making the entire experience easier for you. By leveraging the internet, we offer victims a convenient way to report their cases and initiate the fund recovery journey, guiding them through each step along the way.

    1. Review Your Case

    Report your case online with Funds Trace's user-friendly contact form, where our experts evaluate and identify any falsely represented, stolen, or misappropriated assets.

    2. Trace the funds and scammers

    We deploy state-of-the-art technoligical means to track down the money that was stolen from you.
    Some of these scammers use sophisticated methods to hide themselves all over the world, but our technology can outrun any crook.

    3. Deploy legal action

    Normally, we manage to recover your funds via contact with the scammers, but sometimes we are required to take legal action against them. Don't worry, our team of lgal experts is at your side.

    4. Reimbursement and monitoring

    It doesn't end when we return your hard-earned money to you. We pledge to stay in contact with you, to make sure that what you are promised is what you get, and that no funds are stolen from you again.

    What our satisfied customers are saying about us

    Emily Johnston

    Emily Johnston

    School Teacher

    "Fundstrace not only recovered my stolen cryptocurrency but also provided me with invaluable advice on how to secure my digital assets. Their team's dedication and professionalism are truly remarkable. I highly recommend their services."


    87% From the stolen money was return

    David Graham

    David Graham


    "After falling victim to a romance scam, I felt helpless and devastated. Fundstrace not only recovered my money but also provided emotional support throughout the process. Their caring and empathetic approach made a world of difference during a difficult time."


    91% From the stolen money was return

    Aaron Collins

    Aaron Collins

    Business Man

    "I can't thank Fundstrace enough for their relentless efforts in recovering my lost investments. I thought my money was gone forever, but their expertise and determination made all the difference. They turned a nightmare into a success story!"


    82% From the stolen money was return

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Funds Trace is an assets recovery company that aids individuals who have been scammed. Whether it is stolen assets, money, or compromised personal information - we can recover it all from scammers. We deal with digital fraud on a daily basis and are here to help anyone affected by online scams globally.

    Our recovery process typically involves a thorough investigation of your case, identifying the perpetrators, and working with law enforcement and legal authorities when necessary. We employ various strategies and legal means to facilitate the recovery of your funds.

    We can assist with a wide range of online fraud and scams, including but not limited to investment fraud, romance scams, phishing attacks, cryptocurrency scams, and more. If you've been a victim of financial fraud, we're here to help.

    To initiate the recovery process, we'll need as much information as possible about the fraud or scam, including transaction details, communication records, and any other relevant documentation. The more information you can provide, the better we can assist you.

    • If you suspect you've been a victim of online fraud, it's essential to act quickly. Contact Fundstrace immediately with any available details, and we will guide you on the next steps to take for recovery.

    • Fundstrace utilizes a combination of advanced tracking technologies, legal resources, and expertise in cybersecurity to trace and recover stolen funds. We leverage a network of professionals, financial experts, and law enforcement cooperation to maximize the chances of successful recovery for our clients.

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    Get in touch with Funds Trace and book a free consultation with our team of experts to discuss your case, attain details about fund recovery processes, and learn how to ensure that your assets are safe. Whether it is a cryptocurrency scam, an online fraud, a forex broker scam, or any other type of fraud – we will help you build your case and catch your scammer in less than 30 days. Fill out the form and report your case today!

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