Fundstrace helps to get
your Money Back!

Our Mission

We are a fund recovering consultancy agency that is equipped with specialists to provide innovative solutions for scam-related information, money, and asset recovery. Funds Trace has a team of experienced lawyers, cyber investigators, and case filers who are here to track the digital footprints of scammers and aid victims in building and fighting their recovery cases. Innocent victims of online frauds, romance scams, cryptocurrency fraud, forex scams, and other miscellaneous activities come to us to build and pursue a case against their scammer.

“Funds Trace is here with one goal and that is to enable innocent victims of scams to recover their stolen money from scammers. We will aid you, we will guide you and together we will get your money back!”

At Funds Trace, victims of scams need to report the details of their case, provide documentation and our team of investigative experts will handle it from there. We actively and proficiently fight all types of scams ranging from CFD, online, cryptocurrency, romance, forex, investment, and banking scams. Our team works with the aim of collaborating with you so all systems, steps, and processes are 100% transparent, quick and efficient and most importantly we are always there for you.

Our Story

Funds Trace was established in 2019, as soon as the global pandemic hit. Our founder, Mr. Aden – a data analyst in the corporate law sector, noticed a spike in scam cases. The data he was studying at that time featured that numerous corporate businesses in America were losing out on millions of dollars and none of these costs were accounted for. While he couldn’t find every single firm in America at that time, he made it his mission to ensure that all the clients who fell under his corporate legal aid agency were safe from all types of scams.

That’s when the founder started partnering and collaborating with scam recovery experts to master the tactics used in the fund recovery process. Additionally, he also joined hands with industry visionaries who had the same mindset as him – to protect people from scams. Side by side, third-party financial bodies such as Skrill, Paypal, Wise, and others started to network with Mr. Aden. Seeing such a wonderful response empowered Mr. Aden to launch his own recovery agency and that is when Funds Trace came into being.

We have currently set up headquarters in America with a team of 22+ investigative agents and legal aids. Our experts partner up to make a tailored fund recovery solution for our clients that is fast-acting. To date, we have recovered more than $12,000,000 and blacklisted more than 70 scam-related companies and individuals around the world.