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How to Recognize and Avoid Online Scams on Bumble

Bumble is not naive when it comes to cons and scams. If you take the time to survey your friends who use online or app dating, you are likely to hear stories of catfish, bots, scammers, and more. Scammers are not specific to Bumble or anyone dating app. However, being scammed is no longer the exception, but the standard.

However, people frequently put their faith in Bumble due to the fact that it interacts with their Facebook account and provides dating suggestions based on the users’ shared interests and connections. Because of this, people tend to ignore the dangers that are linked with using dating apps.

Scammers are abundant, despite the fact that the app uses picture verification and other technologies in an effort to prevent false profiles from being created. Let’s take a look at the many con games that may be played on Bumble, as well as the ways in which you can defend yourself.

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Common Scams That Can Be Encountered On Bumble

Bots, Bots, & More Bots!

Through Bumble’s text-based messaging platform, Bot Bots carry on conversations that appear to be having a human-like discussion by using programmed robotic responses. 

You may believe that you are getting to know someone who enjoys activities such as going to happy hour, playing the piano, and going trekking. In actuality, you are conversing with a bot that is attempting to trick you into visiting a malicious phishing website or a paid website that requires payment.

The easiest method to spot a bot is the fact that it will pay you constant attention simply due to the fact that it is not a person. At any time of day or night, the bot will respond to your message and is always available for conversation, regardless of when it was sent. If you want to determine whether or not another user is a bot, you may try giving them a strange response like “green phone tree beach cat one-two” and seeing whether or not they remark on it or continue the conversation as if nothing is wrong.

If they do the latter, it is quite likely that they are a bot. Search for quick and general responses. When someone tries to trick you into visiting an external link, signing up for a website or service, downloading something, or purchasing something, you can be certain that you are dealing with a bot.

How to Avoid It: Delete and block the user, and think about sending a report to Bumble about them. Make it a point to avoid clicking on links that take you to other websites.

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Catfish Scammers Are All Over The Place

You are in love, and it looks as though your love tale was taken from a full-length romantic comedy! You struck up a conversation on Bumble, developed a connection with this person, and then decided to take your relationship offline, all without ever dating or even meeting in person. 

You will start exchanging packages and calling one another many times a day before too much longer. You are not only beginning to believe that you are in love; in fact, you are in love, and they are your closest friend.

Unfortunately, the person you are speaking with continues to provide reasons why they are unable to get together with you. This is due to the fact that the person you believe to be your soul mate is trying to entice you by utilising fraudulent or stolen profile photographs as well as fabricated life situations. They in no way represent who they assert that they are. In spite of the fact that they portrayed themselves as incredibly attractive people who had fantastic careers, the reality of their lives is quite different.

For instance, they could occupy a room in their parents’ basement and spend almost all of their time inside the house. Catfish are people who have low self-esteem and come up with a fake identity and persona because they are unhappy with aspects of themselves such as their appearance, sexuality, age, or financial status.

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How to Spot a Catfish on Bumble

Catfish will avoid chatting to you on video chat since doing so would reveal that they are not who they say they are. This is one of the ways you may identify a catfish. If they do send you a video in the hopes that you will fall for the scam, the video has been doctored, and their voice has been superimposed over the footage. 

They will make arrangements to meet, and then right before the meeting, they will concoct ludicrous explanations as to why they are unable to see you (illness, car accident, had to leave the country, etc.).

Searching for someone’s email address, name, photos, and other personal information online is one way to avoid falling victim. This will give you an idea of who you are dealing with and whether or not there is a reason for concern or whether or not you are dealing with a catfish. Report the individual to Bumble if they are still on your Bumble account as a match, and tell them any information you have about the bogus account. If they are still on your Bumble account, they are a match.

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A Scammer Here, A Scammer There, A Scammer Everywhere!

Scammers, bots, and catfish all have one thing in common: they want you to delete your Bumble account as soon as possible. 

In their particular scenario, it is for the purpose of preventing you from catching them using bogus identities to defraud other people. Scammers, on the other hand, know exactly why they made a fake account: to line their own pockets with the money you provide them. Catfish frequently adopt the identity of another person for emotional reasons.

Scammers might be based in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. They may try to con you into a relationship while asking for iTunes gift cards, wire transfers of money, payment by mail, and other forms of payment. Or, they may be local, such as the dine and dash scammer in Los Angeles who ended up being charged with ten felonies for leaving multiple women with the tab when he went on a date. In this case, the scammer left the women with the tab when he went on a date.

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How to Recognize a Scam Artist on Bumble

If someone you met on Bumble asks you for money, this is usually a sign that they are trying to con you out of your money. This could happen either while you’re using the Bumble app or after you’ve connected with someone using another method. They will devise a very extensive justification for why they are in need of financial assistance (for an operation, a business license, as they are stranded on a holiday, etc. )

How to Avoid Such Scams on Bumble?

Search their email address and name online, as well as do a reverse image lookup and other related searches. This will give you an idea of who you are dealing with and whether or not there is a reason for concern or whether or not you are dealing with a catfish. As a match, you should report the user to Bumble and send the app any information you have about the fake account to put a stop to Bumble scams. If they are still connected to your Bumble account, they are considered to be active.

If you have been scammed through online dating scams, then contact us to get your money back!

Online Scams

Other Users Who Are Not Real

It’s possible that pornographic websites and prostitutes will use Bumble to create users for themselves who will link you to webcam videos. 

These could be bots, humans working for the porn or webcam site, or even the performer themselves if they are attempting to increase their viewership. People who aren’t successful in meeting potential partners through other means could be targeted by escorts on the website.

How to Tell a Fake User Apart from the Real Ones: They will make reference to their website, webcam show, the desire for money, or use emojis that indicate they are not looking for a traditional romantic relationship but are available for hire as a prostitute (think the money emoji followed by the kiss emoji).

The best way to avoid this is to immediately report the offending user and block them from the site. Your report will help Bumble remove profiles of people who aren’t looking for genuine connections, even though the company may not be able to stop every con artist or prostitute from using the platform.

Losing Money

What is Bumble Doing to Protect its Users Against Dating Scams?

According to the findings of the study that was conducted by the experts at Funds Trace, they discovered that Bumble is aware of the fact that exposing yourself to a new connection can make you feel vulnerable. 

As a result, in order to ensure that you can swipe with confidence, they put in a lot of effort to ensure that their community is genuine and accountable. In order to ensure the health and safety of its users, Bumble takes the following preventative measures.

They have a global staff of moderators who are always on the lookout for suspected false profiles, catfishing, abuse, or users who do not follow our community standards. They work very hard to examine any allegations of these issues.

Users who do not adhere to Bumble’s Community Guidelines may be restricted or banned from the platform. Utilizing Bumble for the purpose of solicitation is a violation of our principles, as is using the images of another person without their permission, pretending to be someone you are not, and participating in criminal behaviour. On Bumble, there is a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of predatory activity.

Dating Scam

On each user’s profile, there is a button labelled “Block” and “Report,” which makes it simple to let Bumble know about an account that could be false. To guarantee that their moderators can take action as fast as possible, their extensive reporting system enables you to be precise about the reasons why you are reporting someone. Some of the possibilities include “feels like spam,” “has begged me for money,” and “false profile.”

They employ preventative procedures and techniques in order to identify fake or scammer profiles that may contact members of their community in an attempt to solicit financial assistance. These users could be instantly barred from using the app, or they might see a message asking them to verify their identity before they can proceed.

Bumble has also added the capabilities of Video Chat and Voice Calls, allowing users to see and hear the people they have matched with on the platform. You may make use of these capabilities if you don’t feel comfortable giving a match your phone number prior to meeting in person, or if you have a sneaking hunch that the person might not be who they claim they are.

You may check to see whether a match has confirmed their photographs using the Photo Verification function on Bumble. If they haven’t done so before, you can also request that they verify their photos if they haven’t gotten around to it yet. Each photo is examined, and a member’s profile will be deactivated if it has been reported as possibly belonging to a false account and if verification results reveal that the complaint was accurate. This ensures that they will not be seen by anybody on Bumble, and similarly, nobody will see them.

Online Dating

Key Takeaways!

Regrettably, online romance frauds are a genuine problem that has to be treated seriously because of their prevalence.

Do not feel guilty or embarrassed if you have fallen prey to a romantic scam in the past. Realize that it is not your fault, and that you are not the only one going through this. Do not be reluctant to get in touch with the Funds Trace team for assistance if you believe that you are the victim of a scam and are in need of assistance.

Proceed to the Funds Trace contact us page if you are still uncertain about whether or not you are dealing with bumble scams. You may contact the Funds Trace specialists from this page. These professionals are experienced at uncovering scammers who are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Bumble users.

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