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How Fraudsters Scam Using Apple Pay – Stay Safe From Them!

Even while Apple Pay is a straightforward way to send and receive monetary transactions, it has become more popular with scam artists who want to defraud users of their money.

Apple Pay

As an alternative to carrying around a traditional wallet, Apple Pay makes it much easier to send and receive payments straight from your mobile device. Since its introduction in 2014, Apple Pay has been used by 507 million customers all across the globe, many of whom prefer using the digital wallet to carrying cash.

Unfortunately, dishonest persons have also been attracted to it because of its widespread usage as well as its ease of use and accessibility in the context of completing a transaction between two individuals. Examine the cons that are most often associated with Apple Pay and learn how they work.

How to Protect Yourself From Apple Pay Fraud

Make use of these suggestions to avoid falling victim to scam artists and to learn what to do in the event that you get a questionable request for cash.

Transferring money between two people using Apple Cash is exactly the same as doing any other kind of private transaction. You may, just as you would with other kinds of payment, take specific precautions to protect yourself against fraud. You should only deal with people you know well when sending and receiving money.

Apple Pay

Even if the account that the request originated from seems to be real, you still need to make sure that the person asking for money is not impersonating someone you know or trust, such as a member of your family or workplace, a government agency, or a charitable organization. 

Talking to the individual personally will allow you to confirm their identification as well as the payment information. If you have any doubts about the recipient’s identity, you shouldn’t give them any money.

If you receive a request for payment from an unknown source, you may click the Report Junk button that is located underneath the message. You may also filter their conversations with you or prevent unknown senders from contacting you in the future. Both of these options are available to you.

Be very cautious if a company uses Messages to solicit monetary contributions from you. If you didn’t contact the company directly to begin the conversation, then it’s possible that it’s a scam.

Perform a thorough examination of the payment details before you agree to confirm it. If you paid the wrong amount or sent the payment to the wrong person, you should either make an effort to cancel the payment or request that they refund the money to you.

Apple Pay

You have the option of manually receiving payments, which enables you to determine the identity of the person who sent the cash before taking the payment. You may access other choices by pressing the button on your Apple Cash card, which will take you to the Settings page for your Wallet and Apple Pay.

From there, choose Manually Accept Payment to examine further alternatives. You may validate the legality of a payment you’ve received by checking the details of the transaction shown as the most recent one in your list of recent financial dealings.

If you have been scammed through online, then contact us to get your money back!

Can Apple Pay be Faked?

When you use Apple Pay, you are susceptible to fraud for the same reasons that you are when you use any other payment method. 

Scammers will coerce you into sending money using Apple Pay while making it seem as if it was your decision to do so. In order to con you out of money, cybercriminals will use a technique called social engineering, in which they pretend to be a member of your family or a close friend.

Apple Phone

Therefore, yes the transaction can be faked, however, you cannot add fake cards to the Apple Pay backend as that is directly connected with the worldwide banking authorities.

How to Avoid Apple Pay Scam Text

Several people in Britain have fallen victim to a recent spate of phishing emails purporting to come from Apple personnel.

Be wary of a text message that falsely claims to be from Apple and warns the user that the Apple Pay service on their phone has been disabled. It was obtained through a mobile phone in the United Kingdom. The user is informed that they need to reactivate Apple’s contactless payment service on their phone before it would allow them to connect to another website.

It reads here: “Apple has informed customers that their use of apple pay has been suspended. In order to continue with your Apple Pay transaction, you will now need to verify your details using “After that, the hypertext link will be shown.

Apple Phone

There is a forgery in the text. Apple Pay account holders may verify the status of their accounts by going into the settings for Apple Pay on their respective Apple phones. Any issues will be brought to light there.

Key Takeaways - Is Apple Pay Safe & Secure for Online Users?

Apple Pay is a more secure method of making purchases than using a traditional credit, debit, or prepaid card. You are required to utilize either Face ID, Touch ID, or your password in order to complete any transactions using your iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, or iPad. 

Your actual credit card details are not stored on your device or on Apple’s networks, and neither your name nor any other identifying information is provided to the merchants that you transact with.

However, keep in mind that Apple Pay scams still exist out there and you should be careful about all your transactions. If you are a victim of an Apple Pay scam – reach out to us and the team at Funds Trace will help you.

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