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How Can Funds Trace Help You Track Down Your Crypto Scammer?

Have you heard about the 32 million crypto scam? Or do you know about the squid game crypto scam

You for sure have if you’re a Netflix freak. In fact, everyone has seen the Squid game series, and it has been one of the most popular ones when it comes to Netflix. 

It has gone extremely viral that when someone launched a cryptocurrency under its name, everyone went crazy and invested in fake promises. This case study is about a scam scandal right after the popularity of the Netflix series squid game involving the squid game cryptocurrency token/coin. In late October, a cryptocurrency named squid coin was launched on the digital wallet servers with an initial cost of around $600, and by Monday, it skyrocketed to around $2860. Everything was going fine until the worst thing happened, the scam scandal occurred! 

Yes, it’s true; Crypto Scams can do a lot of damage! Investors lost up to $7.7 billion last year due to various frauds and rug pulls, bringing the percentage up to approximately 80% in 2021 compared to 2020? Also, in 2021, according to Time, CNBC, and NBC, over $14 billion in digital assets were stolen or lost due to different crypto frauds. While there were many widespread frauds, such as phishing and email scams, others, like cryptocurrency scams, caught the attention of the entire world. 

In fact, haven’t you heard about the ever-famous Coin Check and FazeKay Crypto Scam? If you are a bitcoin enthusiast who is interested in money or digital currencies, you most likely have. For example, the former is concerned with bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in Japan. 

Unfortunately, they became the target of one of the most severe cyberattacks ever. It is thought to be one of the most dramatic losses the bitcoin industry has ever seen. During this challenging period, the company had to go through a lot, including suspending operations and altering its entire customer-facing application portfolio. They also had to devise techniques to assist in saving machine data if such storms struck again in the future. Unbelievable! 

Cryptocurrency scams have become increasingly common. If you are a victim of a cryptocurrency scam and your funds have been jeopardized, don’t worry – Funds Trace is here to help you recover your stolen funds. Want to know more about it? Don’t worry; we’ve got you!

Cryptocurrency Scams Are Getting More Dangerous by The Day!

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Cryptocurrency scammers use many innovative strategies to obtain the trust of individuals and trick them into investing in a drowning currency. Also, some scammers are five steps ahead and hack into innocent victims’ digital wallets and rob them; you know digital theft is a severe crime nowadays, right?

Now, in order to deceive their victims, scammers may develop fake cryptocurrency trading websites or imitations of legitimate cryptocurrency wallets. These fake websites frequently have domain names that are similar to those of the authentic websites they are meant to imitate. It can be challenging to distinguish them from genuine websites since they closely resemble them. Oops!

Secondly, blackmail is another technique scammers employ. They send emails threatening to reveal the user’s history of visiting adult websites unless the recipient shares their private keys or transfers money to the scammer. How clever! 

Moreover, scams like these are the most profound betrayals and breaches of trust since they involve more than just money. As a result, many victims face social issues such as damage to reputation, vulnerability, isolation, and exposure. Furthermore, fraud harms a victim’s mental health, leading to anxiety, depression, and suicide. Damn.

Scammed and wondering what to do? This is where Funds Trace comes in!

Funds Trace To The Rescue!

What is Funds Trace? Let us answer for you; Funds Trace is the optimal asset recovery agency for you. It is a recovery business equipped with industry specialists who can file your case, trace your scammer and recover your stolen funds in less than a month. Not only that, we ensure that the scammer restores 100% of the stolen funds to the victim.

This is not a myth; we really have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars from scammers in the past two years – and this is just the beginning. Let them take control of the situation and fight your recovery battle for you!

No matter if it is an online scam, a cryptocurrency fraud, a CFD scam, an investment scam, or a banking scam. Our expert recovery agents are equipped with all the tools and resources needed to run a cyber analysis on your scammer, track their digital footprint, gather all the evidence that supports your case, and hunt them down for you. 

In fact, the following services are being offered at Funds Trace apart from Crypto Scams;

  • ONLINE Scam Recovery
  • BANKING Scam Recovery
  • INVESTMENT Scam Recovery
  • FOREX Scam Recovery
  • CFD Scam Recovery

We use an immersive and comprehensive process that includes four proper steps: filing a complaint against your scammer, checking all relevant materials, gathering evidence and compiling legal paper, and finally – getting your money back. Let’s read it in detail!

Crypto Scam

A Comprehensive & Integrative Strategy Funds Trace Has in Place To Recover Funds From a Crypto Scam

Experts at Funds Trace believe that it is never, absolutely never too late to save yourself from the blackmailing of your scammers. 

Our agency uses an extensive and integrative recovery process where time is our utmost priority. Also, delaying someone’s case is something we have never supported, so taking quick and persistent action is what we are best at. 

We ensure you get the most professional recovery service available, considering the laws and regulations. As we deeply believe in complete transparency, let’s talk about how we may take you through the whole process of being a cryptocurrency scam victim!


• File Your Request

As soon as you report (online contact form on the Funds Trace website), your case will come under review. As said earlier, time is our key! So don’t worry; working on your case will start instantly. Perhaps, one of our expert team members would arrange a meeting with you where you can tell them everything in complete detail. 

Once we know the request is valid, the refund process will begin! In this stage, we will look at details concerning your case, the story of how the scammer reached out to you, and which platform you were using for exchanging cryptocurrency.

• Submit Evidence

A case is nothing without facts and evidence; thus, Funds Trace team members will dive into the scammer through your own footsteps to retain any information that could help strengthen your case. 

Firstly, we would ensure you get your platform and bank account shut down. As the process is automated, it makes it a lot easier. Any phone calls, cryptocurrency coins, screenshots, billings, conversations, invoices, and overall evidence would be collected to make your case as strong as possible.

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• Let Funds Trace Build Your Case

Evidence collection is not enough; it is the starting point. It is where the paperwork starts, and your information is structured in such a coherent and effective manner that it leaves zero chance of being objective by the financial institutions. 

This would require legal expertise from Funds Trace members, which is what we love to do! Here we will compile all the details concerning your case. If the stolen amount were in parts, the entire timeline would be outlined as well. Additionally, we will gather the legal documents concerning this case too.

• Congratulations; Funds Recovered!

It is, fortunately, the last stage. Here we decide on whether to go to the scammers themselves or perhaps involve third parties. 

Our team members and partners around the world include intelligence analysts and people with particular expertise and knowledge in providing solutions to fraud within the ethical framework. Our agency has even partnered with fantastic payment providers such as transfers that can help them significantly recover your amount! 

Want to meet one of our Crypto Currency Experts? Find all you need to know about Thora Tod – a Cryptocurrency Scam Expert at Funds Trace, below!

If you have been scammed through online, then contact us to get your money back!

Thora Todd - Cryptocurrency Scams Expert at Funds Trace

Now, who is Thora Tod? He is a Cryptocurrency Scams Expert at Funds Trace who has four years of experience as a data analysis detective or InfoSec professional. 

Also, he has solid written and vocal language skills. As for his qualification, he has a Bachelor of Science in Data Security, with vast Expertise in cryptocurrency. 

At Funds Trace, his job is in charge of studying crypto schemes, recognizing malicious activity, and cooperating with several other firms to put paid to crimes. Not only that, Mr. Todd investigates the industry’s and senior management’s handling of customer dissatisfaction, legislative difficulties, and income statements.

Moreover, Thora Todd usually goes after bitcoin scammers all around the world, partnering with specific other organizations in the industry to guarantee conformity and minimize conflicting actions. He collaborates with administration, promotion, and economics to develop successful anti-scam methods. To ensure good customer service, investigate how successfully the organization resolves consumer complaints. 

In addition, he examines bank accounts for fraudulent behavior, explores new coin technologies, and recognizes the growing hazards of cryptocurrency-related schemes. Mr. Todd also serves as a leader inside the Funds Trace organization, creating easy drawings of fraudulent transactions for adverts.

Recently, Thora Todd monitored and tracked bitcoin frauds on various formats, notably digital currencies, swaps, and initial crypto coin offerings. 

He’s already looked into the firms who were behind a bitcoin fraud. He has skillfully followed the growth of a thief’s story as it grows from phony to real over the last several years. He has testified as an expert witness in court matters involving bitcoin fraud. Lastly, he intends to assist others in turning fraud targets by educating individuals on how or when to recognize and resist fraud. How inspiring?

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Stay Away From Crypto Scams - Seek Help From Funds Trace Today!

Scams, of course, are not exclusive to the cryptocurrency world; we have long flourished within the limits of the established financial system. 

Remember that scammers use the same tricks on repeat, so to stay a step ahead of scammers and avoid scams in the future, feel free to check out Funds Trace blogs, articles, and other resource materials on all types of scams. You can also find real-time news about current scams in the market. We encourage individuals to share their stories so others can learn from them and avoid scams; if you got scammed in the past, come and share your story in our scam recovery community groups. It is never too late to catch your scammer; report it today! You can contact our experts by filling out the form on our website, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. Stay Safe!

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