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How Aliyana James lost $17,000 in an Online Scam Yet She Managed to Recover It

Have you ever taken a break from social media or the internet overall, for a week? As easy as this question sounds to say “yes”, we all know the answer to that is “no”! In today’s world, we are nothing without the internet, online social media platforms, or the global network – we have become extremely interdependent on it. The majority of the population of the world, or can be said that almost every individual in the society is part of social media and online platforms. 

While online platforms come with numerous benefits such as faster communication, a vast variety of data, information, and so much more – what we miss out on is the fact that online platforms serve as a home to numerous sorts of malicious online scams and frauds. They are tricks and traps laid on the internet service by the scammers to accomplish their illicit goals. The reports have stated that there have been 26% of the scams that took place last year. 

The internet service is a wide platform with several websites and socializing accounts. From interacting with people on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to online shopping from various websites and accounts. Further, from online dating to exchanging of money from one account to another, activities require individuals to refer to the digital platform. 

Thus, some of the websites require the user to share personal information, which results in scammers taking advantage of it and tricking the victim. Therefore, scams on digital platforms are of several types. The scams, along with the statistics of the reports, will demonstrate their intensity. The statistics have shown that identity theft and financial loss were the most reported scams, with 40874 and 2959 complaints. Along with hacking with 2880, false billing with 2446, online shopping scam, 2317 complaints, and 23% of cybercrime.  

One unfortunate victim of online scams was our very own client, Aliyana James. She lost around $17,000 to a well-crafted and dangerous online scam – but all hope was not lost and she managed to recover 100% of her stolen amount. Let’s read on about how Aliyana collaborated with the Funds Trace experts to catch her scammers and get her money back!

The Illness That Follows Digitised Love

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Online platforms are being used by billions of users for several tasks and socializing purposes. The 21st century has even transformed the way people find themselves suitable partners. This revolution has also digitized love. People spend days and months or sometimes years talking to each other through online platforms. Following the same trend, a 24-year-old girl named Aliyana James joined the online dating site. She was the only daughter of her parents with the responsibility of taking care of her house, her mother, and grandmother’s expenses. 

Along with studying business and doing a part-time job in the UK, she was very much occupied in her life but her emptiness makes her suffer. She joined an online dating application when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She saw her friends having partners on social media apps to share their emotional bond. The idea of having someone to depend on emotionally intrigues her and she found a match on Tinder after some search. The bond grew stronger as the man shared that he is from the same town in China where Aliyana’s parents belong. The regular conversation, especially about Aliyana’s mother’s condition brought her closer to him. 

Thus, he shared with Aliyana about his business on cryptocurrency, and how he makes money using this digital investment platform. He pursues Aliyana to try it out, as it helps him with his financial situation. The immense responsibility of Aliyana’s mother’s medical finance and grandmother’s nursing expenses would be assisted by this platform. Aliyana, under the immense burden of the responsibilities and being madly in love, got convinced to invest in cryptocurrency. The man named Simon – her lover, assured her of his help throughout the process as he stated that this is his job, so he knows the drill and how to operate it. Therefore, he will teach her and improvise her cryptographic operating skills.

Crypto & Love Scam All in One

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A cryptocurrency is an online form of money that people access in order to exchange money or invest to make profits. It is pretty technical to learn the skills and tricks to operate cryptocurrency as there are blocks each with specific code which is to be connected and joined in order to make sense of the information. Thus, it generates money, more specifically profits for the users. It has caught the attention of many people due to the increasing return. Many people, like Aliyana, joined this platform on the advice of their relatives, friends, or partners without being fully aware of the operations and the pros or cons of the sites they are logging into. 

Aliyana’s online partner guided her on how to make an account on a cryptocurrency site. Then he sent her a link which led to a bank account details, he asked her to debit money into that account, which is the universal cryptocurrency operating account. Aliyana initially made small investments in hundreds of dollars and was getting a good sum of money in return. Her trust in Simon increases as he guides her through the process. Additionally, Aliyana was able to generate enough money which could meet her mother’s medical and grandmother’s nursing expenses, along with taking care of the house. This continued for three months pretty smoothly. Then Aliyana lost her mother, it completely changed her life as she was now the owner of her mother’s inherited property worth $90,000. 

The investments made by Aliyana stopped for a couple of weeks, and she started getting texts from Simon to invest money or else she will lose all the investments she has made so far. In this harder phase of her life where she could not take care of herself well, enough and Simmon was the only hope she was left with. However, somehow he always managed to emotionally blackmail her by using her grandmother’s nursing or household expenses as an excuse for her to keep debiting money in that bank account. Aliyana, being completely emotionally shattered and dependent on Simon, blindly follows his instruction. 

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Aliyana even made a try to meet him, when she visited her parents’ town in China for her mother’s funeral riots. Simon convinced her to delay the plan as he had to leave the town to travel to France for family business purposes, being the only one and the eldest son could not leave the family business due to immense responsibilities. He further emotionally manipulated her by the cultural and social norms in China where kids can not disobey their parents and are left with no choice but to devote themselves completely to work. Aliyana due to her naiveness believed in whatever he said, accepting the reasons he presents. 

Aliyana also started focusing on her career and taking care of her family. She found cryptocurrency to be a perfect platform for her to make money, therefore, she started being more dependent on it. After some months, when she started making great profits for herself through cryptocurrency she shared with Simon about the good amount of money she is making through profits, along with it she also mentioned the property she has inherited from her mother worth $90,000. 

Simon, knowing the intensity of the situation and the opportunity, started flattering her even more. He asked her to invest more utilizing the money she got from her mother and then she can later use the profit amount for some divine cause. The idea of charity in the name of her mother intrigued her a lot, she started making plans of how she can use the money to help kids and needy people around her in her community. Simon further keeps on encouraging her with her ideas. Then in the following days, she invested a huge amount of $17,000, a five-digit amount.

How Funds Trace Helped Her Recover $17,000

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The five-digit investment was the biggest risk Aliyana took for her love, Simon, and the future she desired to build. Later, she saw the traces of things going out of hand. Initially the discontinuity and change in Simon’s behavior. She tried to sort out if there is any misunderstanding because Simon became a very essential part of her life by now. Additionally, she shared the planning of new development, the charity organization, in her life with him. Little did she know it was the man in the mask of her lover, and the partner is the scammer who is using her to accomplish his illicit goal. 

Following days, after the immense stress and depression she had to go through, she decided to give up on the dreams and business she was operating through cryptocurrency. She decided to withdraw the money she had in her cryptocurrency as profit as well as the profit she was making. She googled it to know the steps of withdrawing money from the cryptocurrency account. She came across our website – Fund trace, where the details of withdrawing money were mentioned. She turn on her laptop to proceed with the process, when she logged into the cryptocurrency account and tried to get the money out by withdrawing, she discovered that her money got stuck. 

Initially, she thought that the application of cryptocurrency had broken due to which she is unable to get her money out. Then she was advised by her friend to visit our website, Fund trace, which helped one of her friend’s friends. She followed her advised search for the reason she is not able to withdraw her money and she ran across the scams. The most reported and occurred report on cryptocurrency was scammers stealing money by hacking and blocking the user’s accounts. She got the slightest clue that she has been scammed. The scammer was getting the amount the entire time; he was using that sum of money for himself. Our website has also mentioned how one can respond to the scams, in short, what should the victim do in order to protect themselves and get the money back from the scammer. 

Turned-on Mcbook

The very initial step is to report the police, so she did exactly what was advised on our website. She reported him to the police and the authorities who could trace him and make him accountable for his actions. Shortly, she came to know that the person she thought was from the same town as her parents is actually a citizen of Canada, he was hiding his true identity throughout. It broke her even more than the emotional attachment and feelings she shared were not with a true person. One day when the legal procedure was in process, she got a text from an unknown person who stated that he has all her personal information, pictures, and access to her social media handles. The link that he told her to click in order to get to the bank where she can debit the money in order to start the cryptocurrency business, actually installed malware in her gadgets resulting in her personal data being in the hands of the scammer. 

Now, the scammer was blackmailing her to cease the legal procedure against him, further, do illicit work for him. Initially, Aliyana thought to do what he says so he does not inflict many injuries, out of fear. She was extremely traumatized and lost that she felt being constantly attacked by the scammer. One day, after seeing Aliyana under constant stress and anxiety, her father approached her to help. When he came to know about the loss of $17,000 along with the traumatizing situation she is going through because of the blackmailing of the scammer, he decided to take some stronger action against him. However, just like Aliyana, her father was also not aware of how he can deal with the scammers, and how he can recover the money. In this entire situation of confusion and loss, they contacted our company for guidance and assistance in dealing with the situation.

Our company has dealt with several cases in the past and has people with knowledge and skills of how to deal with scammers. Additionally, they are equipped with advanced technology to trace and track the scammer, further, deal with any such situation where the victims got hacked. Thus, we initially provided emotional and psychological help to Aliyana, as she was going through a lot and her break-down would lead her to bed sick. After a couple of therapy sessions, Aliyana calmed down and our authorities member started by collecting the evidence or information she had about him. 

500 indian rupee banknote

Apparently, he had made a fake Tinder identity account. This clearly demonstrates that he was good at his job because he knew how this all works, thus, the proficiency comes with the experience. Further, we, utilizing our technology experts, unhacked Aliyana’s gadgets so he could not know where she is, what she is doing, or get access to more personal information. However, the problem was that he had already retrieved the private data we can only get back after catching him. Thus, eventually, after a long fight and constant struggle we were able to provide justice and well as recovery of money to Aliyana.

Key Takeaways!

The prime purpose of our company is to assist and guide our users through the scam. Just like how Aliyana was badly trapped and later blackmailed, however, she was rescued by our team. We can help you with the worst of the scam situation as we have turned many pessimistic and lost customers of ours into hopeful and triumphant.

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