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Funds Trace Helps Michelle Anothony Recover 75% of Her Stolen Amount From an Online Scammer

This girl, Michelle Anthony, is a 23-year-old business enthusiast who worked day and night in shifts to gather enough money to start her own clothing brand. She developed a lot of ideas and pictured the whole thing. Now, this was the time to execute the plan
November 2, 2022
Online Scam

Online scams are so common these days because scammers have adopted new ways to scam people. You can get scammed no matter how educated or wise you are, as these scammers use many tactics to con people and make them fall into their trap. 

Online shopping has been a source of scams for quite a few years. The scammers claim to be legitimate sellers and then con people. These scammers set up their fake online stores and make them look so authentic. For example, some scammers will provide high-end clothing, jewelry, and makeup at such a low price that you will consider it a steal and be intrigued to buy it.

According to a report, 74.8% of people fell prey to online shopping scams and lost money in 2021.

Have you lost your money to an online shopping scam? Don’t worry! Funds trace is here to recover your funds in less time than you expect.

Let’s Discuss the Case of Michelle Anthony

Case Study

This girl, Michelle Anthony, is a 23-year-old business enthusiast who worked day and night in shifts to gather enough money to start her own clothing brand. She developed a lot of ideas and pictured the whole thing. Now, this was the time to execute the plan.

The Scam Story - The Online Scammer Who Robbed Michelle

Michelle finally found an online shop that sold the exact dresses that she wanted in her shop. Michelle thought that instead of doing the whole production herself, she could just buy the dresses in bulk and then re-sale them. The idea seemed nice and profitable.  

Michelle talked to the representative of the online shop, Clark Joseph. She talked about how she wanted to buy dresses in bulk and would want a discount. The company agreed, but the only condition was full advance payment. This did not alarm Michelle as she was a regular online shopper, and most brands asked for online payment.

Michelle transferred the complete amount to the bank account of the online shop and started waiting for her order to arrive. After two weeks, when she didn’t receive her order, she called customer service at the online shop. They informed her that her order had been dispatched and would reach her in one week. 

Bank Account

So, Michelle started waiting patiently now. Two more weeks passed, but there was no mail. Micelle was alarmed by now. She tried to open the website through the link, and boom! There was no sign of the website. She then opened the messages that she had exchanged with the online shop. 

She was surprised to see that only her messages were there. The messages that she received from the other side disappeared. Michelle was devastated. All her dreams shattered before her in the blink of an eye. She was left with no hope.

The Hope - Funds Trace is Here!

Michelle’s best friend, Lana, was aware of the whole situation and was extremely anxious about her. She contacted a lot of people to ask for help, but nobody helped her. 

Finally, she came across Funds Trace and contacted us. She talked to us on behalf of Michelle and even paid to recover her money while Michelle was not mindful of the whole situation. 

Lana provided us with all the necessary evidence to investigate Michelle’s case. In only two months, we gave her good news! 75% of her money was recovered. We found the culprit Clark Joseph and sent him behind bars. 

Lana gave the money to her friend, Michelle, as a birthday gift, and this was indeed the best ever birthday present she ever got!

Michelle has now started her own business and is working for it every day and night. We hope her the best of luck for her future.

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