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Contracts for differences are a type of derivative asset that can be used to trade equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, among other things. When a trader buys a CFD, he or she is not purchasing the underlying asset.

Scammers that use CFDs to make money typically try to obscure this discrepancy, especially when it comes to bitcoin CFDs. Excessive leverage is the most typical method used by CFD scammers to attract new victims.

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Our team of experts will assess your case and identify which kind of fraud had been done and whether money can be recovered or not. The case review is free so you can stop Hesitating and contact us right away.

Cyber Forensic and Legal actions

After approving that your case is valid we can move ahead in building the legal case to recover your money. Our legal department will issue the needed letters and application to the authorities that are responsible to recover your stolen money.

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Most of the fraud victims are depressed and feel ashamed about their situation. After completing the full service and successfully recovering their wealth, they can finally feel relief. We are happy to help people recover their funds, and get their life back.

Our Speciality

Money Laundering litigation

Criminals need to launder the profits they make out of scams so that it cannot be tracked back to them. Our money laundering litigation division is expert in undercovering their actions.

Court Litigation Advisory

The Global Payback litigation advisory team is here to make sure you will exercise your rights in court if and when it will be needed

Legal Claim Management

We will exercise your rights through legal claim management. After reviewing your case and collecting all the forensic evidances of the scam, we will manage the claim to recover your funds. Contact us today to get a free case review.

Banking Claim Experts

Some of the illegal actions taken by criminals can be resolved in managing the accurate claim against the financial institutions that were being used by the scamming criminals. Our international banking expert is evaluating each case to create a banking strategy for funds recovery.


Fraud Modeling Specialists

There are different types of scams, ponzi schemes and wire frauds. We utilize years of experience to recognize the model of the fraud of each case. Understanding the fraud model assists in uncovering the fraudsters and thus increases the chance of recovering the stolen money.


Cyber forensic investigators

In some cases we are covering the full investigation of the online actions taken by the criminals who have scammed our clients. Retrieving the cyber footprints of the scam will assist in recovering the funds that were stolen.

We know exactly how to get your money back!

With us you will have wealth recovery experts who know all the tricks and inner workings of international scammers on your side.

With the help of our legal specialists, cyber forensic investigators, and years of experience in funds recovery, we can track and expose the fraud so you can exercise your rights and recover your money. Want your funds back? Contact us as soon as possible – every minute counts!

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We are helping scam and wire fraud victims all around the world

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We have experience in recovering almost every kind of scam (financial scam, romantic scam, investment frauds, ponzi, cryptocurrency and others)

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Our goal in life is to be able to assist as many as people as possible. We are offering a free case review so no onw would have to risk anything before we evaluate the chances for funds recovery.

CFD Scams to Watch out For

CFD Trading Scams

In some circumstances, to earn a higher commission on each trade. These were the kinds of con jobs shown in movies like Wolf of Wall Street. In the worst-case scenarios, CFD scammers attempt to persuade consumers to lose money on purpose. Scam CFD brokers make money by enticing their clients to deposit money and losing money by not hedging their clients’ holdings. This indicates that the trades are fictitious and that they are operating more like a bookie than a broker.


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If you are an innocent victim of this scam, fill out the consultation form and reach out to us. An expert on our team will get back to you.

CFD Broker Scams

Unfortunately, there are many CFD frauds out there, and there are numerous examples of brokers that consumers should avoid. If a broker has any of the following, do not sign up with them: No license or a low-tier regulator’s license. Exaggerated boasts of astronomically high returns. On the website, there is very little information about fees, commissions, and spreads. An illegitimate address. They claim they have the authority to release funds at their discretion.

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Report a Broker Scam!

If you are an innocent victim of this scam, fill out the consultation form and reach out to us. An expert on our team will get back to you.

CFD Advisor Scams

Unregulated offshore boiler room scams, for example, charge exorbitant commissions on trades, which is a type of scam. The worst-case scenario occurs when con artists purposefully cause their victims to lose money. They entice clients to deposit money and then make them lose money by failing to hedge their holdings. The trades are fictitious, and the brokers serve as bookies.

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CFD Advisor Scam!

If you are an innocent victim of this scam, fill out the consultation form and reach out to us. An expert on our team will get back to you.

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It’s easy to fall for a CFD scam, as cleverly disguised as they are. Recover your funds from CFD scams today with FundsTrace.

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