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Acta Personal Loans

Acta Loans Blacklisted for Conducting Loan Scams

Personal loans can be highly beneficial if you need to cover an unexpected expense. You must, however, assure that you are working with a legitimate lender and not a con artist looking to take advantage of your circumstances. If a lender approaches you first, does not demand a credit check, or makes an offer that appears too good to be true, you may be the victim of a personal loan scam. Scammers can be challenging to spot, whether they’re after your money, your identity, or both. Similarly, Acta Loans recently got blacklisted. Read this article to find out why Acta Loans got blacklisted and if there were any loopholes.

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TD Bank, Chinatown,DC

What Does TD Bank Have To Say About It’s Ongoing Scam Speculation & Recommendations To Secure The Bank

Although, according to the TD bank fraud investigations, TD bank takes responsibility for helping protect its consumers’ personal information and adheres to standards set by the industry to identify fraud and aid in its prevention, you should remember at all times that scammers can use the same tricks on repeat, so to stay a step ahead of scammers and avoid scams in the future, feel free to check out Funds Trace blogs, articles, and other resource materials on all types of scams.

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Stay Clear From Dangerous Blacklisted Companies Like Aidvantage That Have Been Stealing Millions From Students

There is still a lot that we aren’t aware of when it comes to Aidvantage and their scam victims; however, to avoid scams like Aidvantage student loan scams, beware of companies that approach you or appear in your search engine ads. Even if you receive a letter or a call from a person claiming to be knowledgeable about your student loan information, such as how much you owe, it could be a scam. Borrowers will be well-positioned to manage any changes by being informed of any updates, keeping an eye out for, and reporting scammers.

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Bitcoin Wallet

How Can Funds Trace Help You Track Down Your Crypto Scammer?

It has gone extremely viral that when someone launched a cryptocurrency under its name, everyone went crazy and invested in fake promises. This case study is about a scam scandal right after the popularity of the Netflix series squid game involving the squid game cryptocurrency token/coin. In late October, a cryptocurrency named squid coin was launched on the digital wallet servers with an initial cost of around $600, and by Monday, it skyrocketed to around $2860. Everything was going fine until the worst thing happened, the scam scandal occurred!

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Online Scams

Scam Attacks on Green Dot Bank 2022

A rising number of America’s most renowned consumer and technology firms can now create and implement their own unique banking and money movement solutions domestically and abroad, thanks to their banking as a service platform.

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Mystery shopping scams

The Many Ways To Avoid Amazon Scams – Here’s What You Need To Know!

Amazon is an American multinational technology company that focuses mainly on eCommerce. The best thing about self-contained websites like it is that the whole transaction is online. However, you may think that having a middleman company like Amazon means that you’re prone to less risk as compared to buying or selling through classified advertising; however, there are so many scammers out there who have been pulling malicious tricks on the buyers and sellers on the platform to defraud them out of millions.

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Online Scams

Discover How Scammers Today Can Take Advantage Of Your Address, Birthdate, & So Much More

Perhaps it is due to the growing power of digitalization and e-commerce. Scams today are flourishing in the world of the internet as everyone today uses it for both business and pleasure because they think it is far from dangerous. The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center received 351,936 reports about internet crimes in 2018, resulting in damages of more than $2.7 billion, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report. Everyone who uses a device connected to the internet has the potential to fall victim to online fraud, according to a 2017 Federal Trade Commission study.

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Western Union Schalter

Top Scam Attacks on Western Union 2022

Phishing emails, social media, SMS messages sent to your mobile phone, phony phone calls purporting to be from tech support, scareware, and other methods are just some of the many ways that scams can be perpetrated. The primary objective of these types of cons might range from the theft of credit card information to the acquisition of user login and password credentials or even the theft of an individual’s identity.

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Over $490 billion were sent by users in 1.8 billion transactions in 2021. Almost 3,000 financial institutions joined the Zelle network during the year, which speaks of its popularity. This popularity has made this payment app a prime target for con artists.


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In the United Kingdom, Wise is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and various other financial authorities worldwide regulate it. Wise uses bank-level encryption to safeguard customer data – however, this method is still not scam-proof!

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How to Stay Safe From & Avoid Cash App Scams

Scammers concentrate their efforts on trying to defraud people who use the Cash App. Cash App is used by tens of millions of people on a monthly basis. One of the reasons for this is that it allows users to send and receive money in an instant, which is one of the app’s most popular features.