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Top Scam Attacks on Western Union 2022

Phishing emails, social media, SMS messages sent to your mobile phone, phony phone calls purporting to be from tech support, scareware, and other methods are just some of the many ways that scams can be perpetrated. The primary objective of these types of cons might range from the theft of credit card information to the acquisition of user login and password credentials or even the theft of an individual’s identity.

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Learn All About Crypto Wallets, Risk, Scams & How To Avoid Them

Authentic asset recovery firms are always available to help you when dealing with a scammer; their firm takes a complicated, no-nonsense approach to ensure that our clients’ money is returned as quickly and effectively as possible. They will assist you in retrieving your items, no matter how difficult the situation is. Every agent has at least three years of experience in their field, making them exceptional at what they do – not only because they care about their business, but also because they care about their clients!

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AbacusFXPro: Blacklisted Crypto Company

The purpose of this section of the article is to investigate Abacus Group Co Limited or Abacus Fx Pro and reveal the massive scam that these individuals have been operating behind the scenes. In recent years, there has been a discernible increase in the number of con artists operating in the financial sector. These con artists would pose as respectable brokerage businesses so that they could wait for unsuspecting victims. These fraudulent brokers deceive their consumers into believing that they are conducting business with a legitimate company by providing them with enticing bonuses and alluring offers. Scam brokers may also take the registration numbers of legal companies as another tactic in their attempt to pull this off successfully. Read on to find out more!

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Red Alert: Blacklisted Banking Companies

Banking scams have resulted in a $2.1 billion loss to the economy, therefore, we must be careful about not falling into a trap! The purpose of any fraudulent activity involving a bank is to gain access to your bank account. Unfortunately (for the con artists), they cannot access your account in any other way than with your assistance. People end up falling victim to bank scams by either providing personal financial information to the fraudster, allowing malware to be installed on their devices or utilizing checks and other banking materials that have not been authenticated. Read on to find out more!

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Here’s How People Are Getting Scammed Due To Popular Sites Such eBay in The Current Times

Despite the fact that eBay has been a go-to for auction transactions for nearly 30 years, scammers continue to find new ways to steal money and products. However, self-seeking hackers saw an opportunity to perform even more fraudulent activities as the actual world moved closer to the internet world during the coronavirus outbreak. Some extremely unscrupulous people were eager to take advantage of the internet’s attempt to be our lifeline in these terrible times, perhaps because pandemics hindered the opportunity to connect in person?

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Reasons For A Spike In WhatsApp Scams, The Most Common Types, & How To Ensure Safety Against Such Scams

Can you believe that a woman in the UK was recently scammed out of almost 16,000 pounds sterling on WhatsApp? Yes, WhatsApp! ​​The victim, Paula Boughton, got a text message from what she assumed was her daughter, requesting that she should delete her old phone number because she’s been given a new one. Paula said her daughter then asked her to make a few transactions. She told BBC that she agreed to make the transaction as her daughter sent her the payee’s detail and the account number.” I assumed it was my daughter, and I thought, well, I was able to do that because of the scenario, and I feel like I’ve been made a fool of,” she continued. How sad is that?

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Everything You Would Need To Know About The Growing Bots & Scams In 2022

Con artists steal millions of dollars daily using various fraud tactics assisted by cybercriminals on the internet in the form of phishing emails, social media, and phony tech support phone calls. The goal is to steal something, and it can be anything from credit card theft to identity theft, data breaches to dating scams, and denial of service to ransomware. The list goes on and on because, in today’s society, we as humans are possibly the easiest target for harmful fraudsters. After all, they can contact us faster than ever before. They can infiltrate your personal and professional lives without you even hinting!

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How to Recognize and Avoid Online Scams on Bumble

Scammers are abundant, despite the fact that the app uses picture verification and other technologies in an effort to prevent false profiles from being created. Let’s take a look at the many con games that may be played on Bumble, as well as the ways in which you can defend yourself.

Acta Personal Loans

Acta Loans Blacklisted for Conducting Loan Scams

Personal loans can be highly beneficial if you need to cover an unexpected expense. You must, however, assure that you are working with a legitimate lender and not a con artist looking to take advantage of your circumstances. If a lender approaches you first, does not demand a credit check, or makes an offer that appears too good to be true, you may be the victim of a personal loan scam. Scammers can be challenging to spot, whether they’re after your money, your identity, or both. Similarly, Acta Loans recently got blacklisted. Read this article to find out why Acta Loans got blacklisted and if there were any loopholes.

TD Bank, Chinatown,DC

What Does TD Bank Have To Say About It’s Ongoing Scam Speculation & Recommendations To Secure The Bank

Although, according to the TD bank fraud investigations, TD bank takes responsibility for helping protect its consumers’ personal information and adheres to standards set by the industry to identify fraud and aid in its prevention, you should remember at all times that scammers can use the same tricks on repeat, so to stay a step ahead of scammers and avoid scams in the future, feel free to check out Funds Trace blogs, articles, and other resource materials on all types of scams.


Stay Clear From Dangerous Blacklisted Companies Like Aidvantage That Have Been Stealing Millions From Students

There is still a lot that we aren’t aware of when it comes to Aidvantage and their scam victims; however, to avoid scams like Aidvantage student loan scams, beware of companies that approach you or appear in your search engine ads. Even if you receive a letter or a call from a person claiming to be knowledgeable about your student loan information, such as how much you owe, it could be a scam. Borrowers will be well-positioned to manage any changes by being informed of any updates, keeping an eye out for, and reporting scammers.