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$22,000 Returned To Scam Victim with The Help of Funds Trace Asset Recovery Specialists

$22,000 Returned To Scam Victim with The Help of Funds Trace Asset Recovery Specialists

Online investment scams have been rising for a few years, and Forex Trading scams are at the top of the list. The Forex market has bloomed in recent years, making chances for scammers to flourish.
November 4, 2022
Investment Scam

Online investment scams have been rising for a few years, and Forex Trading scams are at the top of the list. The Forex market has bloomed in recent years, making chances for scammers to flourish. According to a report, the spot forex traded over $6.6 trillion daily as of April 2019, including currency options and futures contracts.

Forex trading is a huge market, but because of its fluctuations and volatility, experts recommend not investing any money in Forex that you can’t afford to lose, like provident funds and health savings. 

Have you been scammed by a Forex broker you trusted the guaranteed profits claims he made? Don’t worry! Funds Trace is here to help you. With a more than 95% success rate, we ensure that our clients get the most recovery possible.

Let’s Get to Know Elina D’Souza

Elina is a 35-year-old woman who is unmarried and is a makeup artist by profession. Elina earns a good amount and saves some for her cute little daughter, Elle. She adopted Elle almost five years ago from an orphanage and loved her so much that she was saving a huge share of money for Elle’s education.

How Elina Got Scammed of $22,000 in An Investment Gone Wrong

Investment gone wrong

One day, when Elina was shopping online for her salon equipments, she came across a orex trading company that provided guaranteed profits. She was intriguied by the offers given by the company and soon, she decided to invest half of her savings in order to earn more to that she could fulfill all the dreams of her daughter.

Elina invested in the company hoping for returns as she invested a huge amount of her savings. But weeks after weeks passed and she didn’t get contact by the company, nor she could reach out to them.

Elina got anxious and desperate and she found a funds recover firm online. She gave them all the details and paid them beforehand to help her get her money back. They promised Elina that soon, she will get 100% of her money back. Elina was hopeful now she patiently waited for the company to fdo its job. But soon, she got to know that she was bein scammed by this company too as they were asking her for money again and again without any progress on the case. 

Elina had now lost all her trust and she felt miserable at this point.

What Did Funds Trace Do in This Certain Case?

Elina’s brother told her about the funds recover company Funds Trace, saying that it could help her recover her money but Elina, as deceived earlier, was terrified that she will be scammed again.

Upon inquiring and researching, she got to know that Funds Trace is a legit funds recovery company and it works with FCA and other government authorities. She was still, reluctant to trust us so we set up a meeting with her and discussed every par of the issue she was facing. 

Elina finally decided to rely on Funds Trace. She gave us all the evidences necessary and we started out the investigation. Within a short span of time, she got 90% of her money recovered . We are trying our best to recover thye full amount of money hat she invested with the con company but Elina is now happy and content with her decision.

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